Weekly Cognitive WOD: 8/25-8/31

imagesCrossFit Kids Curriculum (Lesson Plans) are available for purchase in the store at http://crossfitbrandx.com/store/

Cognitive – Math Literacy:  Adding, Subtracting and/or Multiplying Numbers

15-meter bear crawl => over the vault => 15-meter log roll

Push press – focus on safe overhead position

Deadlifts (w/kettlebell), 4kg-12kg
Stinkbug push-ups (handstand push-up progression)

Roll the Dice – Kids are divided into pairs and given a large pair of dice (available at most dollar stores). On trainer cue the kids roll their dice and add up the total. Kids then perform a trainer-determined movement for the number of reps equal to the total of the dice. Kids can also be instructed to subtract or multiply their dice.

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