Preschool: Monday, August 25, 2014


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Angry gorilla

Follow the Leader – Write a list of acceptable exercises on the whiteboard or make cards for kids  to choose from, lunges, squats, animal walks, broad jumps, etc. Special Leader starts it off by choosing and doing exercise while moving around the room. The kids/trainers follow in a line. Each kid takes turn being leader.

3:00-5:00 AMRAP
3 super-slow squats => forward roll => 3 jumps for joy
3 angry gorillas => 5-meter skip => 3 angry gorillas
10-meter run

Knock Stuff Over – Position 2-3 start cones 10-15 meters away from 3 collections of 3 large empty boxes or several small empty boxes. Players perform 3 squats and 1 spin to earn a medicine ball throw to knock stuff over. When any player in any line knocks stuff over, all players perform a victory lap around the playing field. Trainers restack boxes between rounds; players are advised not to pick up medicine balls while trainer is stacking.

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