Monday, August 18th 2008

CrossFit Kids – Classes at your local Affiliate

CrossFit Kids action

CrossFit Kids GSX

“PT Test”

Post the following:

Max set of Pull ups
(Pull ups must be full extension of arm and shoulder to chin over the bar)

Max set of Push ups
(Chest and thighs must touch ground at bottom of the push up and arms be fully extended at the top. Any resting on the ground or break in the plank position at the top is the end of the set)

Max number of Squats in 60 seconds
(In the bottom position of the squat the hip must be below parallel and the top they must have a full y extended hip. For kids we tell them their butt needs to be between their knees and ankles and at the top they need to be standing like a super hero)

Max distance Standing Broad Jump

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