Friday, January 27th 2012

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“The Gauntlet”
WOD 10.11.2

Karen Interrupted
“a Varsity only WOD”

In this WOD you will complete 150 wall balls (Boys 20/Girls 14 pounds – 10′ target) and find a one rep max squat clean. With a continuously running clock on “Go”, athletes accumulate as many wall ball shots as possible in 3:00. At 3:00, Karen is interrupted and the athletes have 5:00 to reach a one-rep max squat clean. At the 8:00 mark, athletes return to their wall balls and complete shots required to total 150 reps.
This event is scored as two WODs:
(1) total time to complete Karen (Including the 5:00 for the squat clean effort)
(2) max weight achieved on lift

Garrett Janda – Karen Interrupted time 11:00/ Squat clean 255

Valerie Calhoun – Karen Interrupted time 15:00/ Squat clean 160

Junior Varsity:
For time
150 Wall balls, 14 pounds/ 10′

For time
100 Wall balls, 10-12 pounds/ 8-10′

For time
100 Wall balls, 8-10′ pounds/ 6-8′

For time
75 Wall balls, 3-5 pounds/ 6′

When you are done read for at least 15 minutes or do your homework

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