Friday, August 1st 2008

CrossFit Kids – Swing!

CrossFit Kids action

CrossFit Kids OKC

Buy in:
Big Dawgs and The Porch:
Broad Jump 50 yards

Pack and Puppies:
Broad Jump 25 Yards

Big Dawgs:
30 Muscle ups

The Porch:
10 Muscle ups
10 Jumping Muscle ups
10 Jumping Muscle ups
10 Seated Muscle ups

15 Seated Muscle ups

15 Squat Muscle ups

10 Assisted Muscle ups

If you do not have rings or cannot do a muscle up sub pull ups/dips in a 2/1 for muscle ups. Pack, puppies and buttercups may sub seated pull ups, assisted pull ups and bench dips.

See video page for muscle up tutorial and progressions.

Cash out:
Big Dawgs and The Porch:
50 Sit ups

Pack and Puppies:
30 Sit ups

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