• How do I become a registered CrossFit Kids program?

    The process is quite simple:

    * Be or work for a CrossFit affiliate in good standing
    * Attend a CrossFit Level 1 and a CrossFit Kids Trainer Course
    * Agree to have and maintain an annual background check through CrossFit Kids
    * Obtain insurance to include SAM (sexual abuse and molestation) coverage
    * Place the CrossFit Kids logo and link on your CrossFit affiliate’s main page

    For more information contact info@crossfitkids.com

  • How do I contact CrossFit Kids ?

    CrossFit Kids
    432 Maple Street
    Suite #1-3
    Ramona, Ca 92065


  • Is Weightlifting safe for Children?

    Yes, In fact it is very good for them when properly supervised.

    Please refer to the following current information on the subject of kids and weightlifting.

    Pediatrics, Volume 121, Number 4,
    April 2008 policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics

    Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, 33:547-561,
    2008 policy statement of Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

    Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, August; 23(5): 560-579,
    2009 policy statement of the National Strength and Conditioning Association


  • My Child is a teenager, is CrossFit Kids for her/him?

    CrossFit Kids is a program for anyone under 18, we focus on teens just as much as we do on kids.

    However, the main page WOD on CrossFit can also be scaled, see BrandX scaled Workouts from the Main Page of CrossFit.com under "start here."

    Many older teenagers who have been exposed to CrossFit can now do the mainpage WOD’s as RX’d.

    Where any person begins, depends on the condition they are in as well as exposure to functional movement.

    Everyone should start at the bottom of the scaling and progress as form and capacity dictate.

  • How may I use or reproduce information from CrossFit Kids resources?

    As a part of the larger CrossFit Community, CrossFit Kids wants to share information with as many people as possible. To facilitate this, CrossFit Kids allows the reproduction and/or quotation of articles, quotes taken from the website, and information sharing from posted videos. CrossFit Kids reserves the right to revoke this privilege in the event that usage of such information is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate. Quotations and reproductions should be cited and referenced as being generated by CrossFit Kids, including the specific author’s name, along with the source location (i.e., magazine issue#, website address, etc.) in accordance with current legal guidelines for quoting sources. Certain terminology and the CrossFit Kids Logo, are restricted for use by CrossFit Kids Affiliates only, as referenced above.
  • May I use the background check you run for other purposes?

    No, for your protection we shred them and remove the records as soon as they are completed. Additionally a background check is of no value unless current. Most organizations will not accept a pre-run background check.
  • How do I use the Location Search?

    Go to the bottom right and slowly drag the blue rectangle to the continent where you would like to search. Once there, use the plus and minus scale and arrows,( top left corner) to incrementally move towards enlarging the correct region. Try not to move too quickly it confuses the program.
  • Can I bring my child to a CrossFit Kids course?

    Unfortunately, no.

    The CrossFit Kids course consists of two eight hour days full of activities and information geared to adult attendees. We do not have and cannot provide day care for children.

  • I already have a background check with another organization/agency, can I just show you that?

    We cannot accept third party background checks or make special exceptions. All CFK Trainers must be background checked annually.
  • What is the background check for?

    Children are given into our care when they are active in a CrossFit Kids program. It is incumbent upon us to protect them to the best of our ability.

    While CrossFit Kids assumes no liability, we feel strongly that a simple criminal background check for CrossFit Kids Trainers is more than justified.

  • Can I use other names for my kids program, like…

    Can I use other names for my kids program, like CrossFit Youth, CrossFit Teen, CrossFit Kidz, CrossFit Boot Camp for Kids, or other similar names?

    No. If you are a CrossFit Affiliate using CrossFit methodology with children or Teens, you must complete both a CrossFit Level 1 Course and a CrossFit Kids Course.

    The use of the name CrossFit in combination with any synonym for kids, children or teens is limited to CFK Official programs (contact debbie@crossfitkids.com for details) and follows the format of the licensed name..

  • Do I need to be a CrossFit Affiliate to run a registered CrossFit Kids Program?

  • What should I expect in a CrossFit Kids Course?

    CrossFit Kids Courses are listed on the front page- just below Coaches Prep Course

    Click on a link to see a description

  • How do I become a CrossFit Kids Trainer?

    To become a CrossFit Kids Trainer you must first attend and pass the CrossFit Level 1 Course and test, then attend a CrossFit Kids Course.

    You may register for a CFK Course if you have not yet attended but are registered for a CrossFit Level 1 Course. For more information contact seminars@crossfit.com.

  • Where can I find a registered CrossFit Kids Program in my area?

    Click on the Location Search Map link or contact info@crossfitkids.com
  • I am unsure how a particular exercise is performed, where can I find more information?

    Click on Glossary in the navigation for descriptions and videos.

    Note: The exercise demos on the CrossFit.com site are optimal, however not always family or work safe, so please use your discretion while viewing with children.

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How to become a CFK registered program?